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As First Semester Ends, Students and Staff Preparing for Second Semester

by Rebecca Raub

The second semester 2015-2016, here at Walkersville High School begins on Monday, January 25, 2016. A semester represents two terms, or one half of the school year. At the start of the second semester, students will be given a new schedule with four new classes, with the exception of year long classes.

Students and teachers alike have been working hard to get everything wrapped up for the first half of the year, and make preparations for the second half. For students, this includes making sure to get grades up, figuring out where there classes are, and doing everything needed for each class. Teachers have preparations to make as well, including grading assignments and preparing their classrooms for next semester’s classes. Guidance counselors are making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be.

I asked students what they have been doing to prepare for next semester, if their classes are going to be any more difficult than their current ones, and their feelings about next semester.

Sophomore Grant Rasband says,  “I am so ready for the second semester. My classes are definitely going to be easier.”

However, not every student feels this prepared, which is very understandable. Sophomore Jordan Gress seems to be dreading the second semester, “I am not ready at all for my classes, but I think they’ll be an equal level of difficulty as my classes right now. I don’t even know my classes though,” Best of luck to everyone in this situation, which may or may not include me.

Nathan Raynor, a sophomore, is prepared. Raynor says, “My classes will be hard, but that just means I need to work harder. I’m ready,”

Teachers also have to work hard to prepare. History teacher Lynn Clark says, “The second semester will be a challenge, but not as big of a challenge as the first semester.”

Good luck to everyone as we roll into the second semester, and make sure you come to school ready on the 25th.