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Do Not Be Afraid to Go Bold When Selecting Your New Phone Case

by Alexis Cavell

Most people just have phone cases to protect their phones. That is the point, is not it? Well, that may not be the only “case” for some people, especially me.

  When I think of a phone case, I think of an accessory. My phone cases protect my phone while adding a flash of style. But, if I were to drop my phone, it would be protected but the case may not. A rhinestone or two could fall off, depending on the quality of the case.

My phone cases are not the typical type of bedazzled case you would picture. It is covered with bling from back to front. One of my cases for example has a 3D Betty Boop character on the back with other 3D objects such as a lipstick, lips, eyeshadow, and many others. There are also different textures on it. With fuzzy to smooth surfaces, why get a normal case when you can add extra and have fun with it?

Some people think it is a little much. It adds a lot more weight to the phone than the average phone case would. It is also very flashy, but I also like to be different.

  Freshman Claire Lynch said, “I use a lifeproof case.” I showed her my bedazzled phone case and asked her opinion on it. “I am in the middle. I like it but at the same time I’m like ‘Whoa!’”

There are a few setbacks with having a large case. The most common question I hear is “How do you fit that in your pocket?” The truth is, I cannot. It does not help that my phone is plus size.  Most of my pants do not have pockets anyway. But, I am okay with carrying it around.

Faculty member Tracey O’Keefe said, “I think they are difficult to fit in a back pocket but it is person’s choice like a piece of jewelry.”

Junior Victoria Jester stated, “I think it is cute.”

Next time you decide on buying a phone case, do not be afraid to go bold!