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NHS Hosts Blood Drive at WHS

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by Hanna Houck

On Tuesday, the National Honor Society hosted the Red Cross for the second blood drive of the year.

In order to give blood, you must be 16, weigh 110 pounds, and have permission from your parents. One donation session can save up to three lives. The last NHS Blood Drive in October collected enough blood to save 96 lives.

Blood is needed every two seconds in the world. Blood cannot be harvested or manufactured so the need for blood is met by donations from volunteers.( Students at Walkersville have the chance to save lives just by taking 45 minutes out of their day to donate.

Sophomore Matt Queen donated blood for the first time on Tuesday. Queen said “I’m scared because I hate needles, but I am excited to save lives.”

“It felt good saving lives, but I went back to Calculus after and that hurt more than the donation,” said Ryan Manchester.

“I think it’s cool to save lives and help other people,” said Noah Ferguson, who is giving blood for the first time today.

“It feels like your soul is being sucked but it is for the good of others so it is worth it,” said Jeff Early.