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Rocket League Allows You To Play Soccer with Rocket-Powered Battle Cars

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by Michael Tauriello

On July 7th, 2015, one of the best unexpected games hit the Steam store. The game goes by the name Rocket League, and it sports a $20 price tag. Definitely worth it, if you take a look at all the features.

There’s a bit of history with this game. In the year 2008, Psyonix (developers of Rocket League) created the somewhat ignored game called Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (SARPBC for short). It was a good game to start, but it eventually got boring, and it received very little attention overall. In February 2014, Psyonix confirmed that there was a sequel to be released. This did not get a lot of attention either, but there was some thought that this would be a good game.

On release day, the PC users and PS4 users went wild at the release of this game. Servers from Psyonix were to hold 30,000 players, but after a week, it was reported that 120,000 more players were looking to play, but all the servers were full. This issue was later fixed by Psyonix about two weeks after release.

GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10

I believe that this is a great concept, and well executed. The concept to have remote control cars that you can design to be whatever you want it to look like and to have those cars play soccer is actually a really fun and pleasing concept. There’s also special modes that you can play in, which can also be fun and even more hysterical. My only complaint here is when you play against people that defend on kickoff and get a cheap goal, which can be very frustrating sometimes. But you don’t see those very often.

To some, it can become boring after some time. Sophomore Tyler Brust said, “I haven’t really played it in a while, but from the times I’ve played it, it started out unique and exciting, but after a while the concept of it got a bit old.”

Sophomore Elliott Cessna also believes this. “I would give it an 8/10 because it’s a fun game but you could get bored of it easily.”


When you compare it to SARPBC, these graphics are actually quite amazing. I don’t normally play for the look of the game, but when it looks wonderful in terms of visuals, it makes it even more fun to play sometimes. The shadows are placed perfectly and the cars look shiny when they need to. The maps you can play on look awesome, too.

SOUND: 6/10

I’m only giving this a 6 since there is not a large variety of sounds. The sounds used are appropriate, but they need a few more just to make the game a bit more exciting. It is a good start, but they could improve.


I believe that what they have here is great. They have a fairly wide variety of maps, and certain maps have the ability to be a stormy setting or a nighttime setting. The stormy setting is realistic; you seem to drift a bit more than usual, but a little too much in my opinion. Sometimes it could cost you a goal or two. Another concern I have for the map set is the Wasteland map. The atmosphere is great, but I do not like how the map is somewhat caved in — it could really mess things up. Otherwise, it is a pretty great set of maps.


On PC, Rocket League is not a game absolutely everyone could run. But, as more and more updates go by, the game because more capable to run on lower-end PCs. It is not perfect, and I do not think it ever will be. It takes a fairly good PC to run this game. Be sure to take a look at the system requirements for this game before you buy it.


This game is excellent. The gameplay is just so interesting and something no one has ever really done before. The graphics are very nice, especially if you have a good PC which can make the game look beautiful. My only real complaint is the sounds. A better soundtrack would not hurt, and neither would more sounds in general, but the sounds they have are decent.

WHS Sophomore Jay Liens thinks “It looks very fun but it’s not very fun to me.”

However, WHS Junior Mikey Schnepfe believes that this is a great game for all. “It’s a very fun game that’s definitely different from the rest. Aerials hits are fun to connect. It’s quite satisfying.”

If you have an Xbox One, do not fear! Rocket League is set to be released for the platform in February 2016. For now, the game is on the Steam store for $20 and PS4 for free for Plus members.