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The Eternal Dilemma — How Much Make-Up Should I Wear?

by Addie Robert

Makeup, some girls wear it, however,  some girls don’t. Why? Contrary to popular belief, most girls don’t wear makeup to impress people. I personally feel that way, and after interviewing a few students that many other girls feel that way too.

          Savannah Crosson, a sophomore at Walkersville High School, said, “I wear makeup because I genuinely like to do it. It’s almost like painting or drawing. I think of it as art. I love waking up in the morning and looking forward to doing my makeup. I also love trying out new tricks just to have fun. I don’t do it because I feel like I need makeup or I need to impress people, because I don’t mind not wearing makeup. Makeup is also a way for some people to express themselves which is really important. Personally, I don’t wear makeup to express myself, I do it because I enjoy putting it on.”

          Rachel Green, sophomore, said, “I wear makeup based on my outfit, and how much time I have in the morning. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. I try to go for the minimum amount of makeup in the morning. I wear makeup for myself and not to please others.”

          Kat Georgianis, a sophomore at Linganore High School, said, “I wear makeup because it makes me feel really good about myself, because I’m very self conscious about everything and I love the way it can transform me.”  

          Barry Fleming, freshman at Walkersville High School said, “ I think girls wear makeup because they like to. They can like it, because it’s them and if a guy has a problem with that than he should be ashamed; he wears the clothes he wants to wear, then girls can wear makeup.”

          Matthew Biehn, a junior at Linganore High School, said, “Heck yeah, if a girl wants to look for her significant other, go ahead! Want to look good around town, why not! Just wanna look bomb, do it! Don’t want to wear it at all, that’s okay too! Just be happy with your choices!”

          Edwin Montano, a junior at Frederick High School, said, “Some girls wear makeup I think to cover up acne, scars, etc. Some honestly don’t need makeup, some are beautiful without it, some are beautiful with it.  Some girls just want to look good for others at school, like they want to look “bad” or show off. Another reason I think girls wear makeup is to look pretty, sometimes they aren’t comfortable with themselves but they are when they wear makeup. It makes them feel like a princess almost.”