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The Horrors of No Wifi for an Internet Addict

by Ashley Terry

Wireless internet (aka wifi) is almost every teenagers favorite thing in the world. The Internet is everyone’s daily fix of the real world. Wifi is the gateway to having unlimited internet without using cellular data. Wifi is how you get Netflix, Xbox Live, Skype, etc. Wifi is pretty awesome to have. You know when you actually have it. At my home I have no wifi and limited data, which is barbaric. I live out in the middle of nowhere, and since I live by a bridge, cell phone companies don’t want to bring their wifi connection cables across the water.

When I first got a smartphone, I learned that I had a data limit but when you love the Internet, it’s very hard not to go over.

Welcome to my life with a limited data plan and having no wifi. The problem with having an addiction to the Internet and a data limit is you go over your data which leaves it to be turned off. Having no wifi and no data is the worst thing ever.

You have to go at least two weeks or longer without seeing funny things on Twitter, posting good selfies on Instagram and snapchat but the worst part is texting. I have an iPhone and when I text another iPhone, it uses iMessage. iMessage is a faster way to send text messages to other iPhones and you can even see when the other iPhone has seen your message.

The problem is that iMessage uses data, and when you have no data you have to have other iPhones send it as a text message. Explaining it to other people is a pain. So whenever I get on wifi or my data is back, I will get dozens of text messages from people and I do not know where to begin. But after that, it’s not that bad if you have games you can play without Internet.

Getting your data turned off isn’t fun and not having wifi isn’t fun either. Be grateful of your wifi and be happy that you are not me who constantly uses data and has no wifi.