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The Pencil Is Far Superior to the Pen

by Michael Tauriello

The pencil is a writing utensil created by Conrad Gessner, a Swiss naturalist and bibliographer. On the other end, you have the ballpoint pen created by Lásló Bíró, a Jewish-Hungarian journalist. I prefer the pencil over the pen for a couple of reasons, but the pen does have some nice advantages over the pencil.

The pencil does not have the smoothest texture while writing. When you write with it, it sounds quite scratchy and it rumbles constantly. Not many people like that. The advantage goes to the pen here, since you get such a silky feel when writing with it. The pen is a relatively “fun” writing utensil when you write with it. It is almost like you are ice skating. The pen is the skater, and the rink is your paper.

WHS Sophomore Jacob Hong did not share this belief, saying that, “I prefer the pencil. I feel that I can write better with a pencil and it feels smoother, even though I would love to write with a fountain pen.”

When you have a problem with a ballpoint pen, it could be hard to diagnose in the first place. There could be a problem with the spring, it may be out of ink; there are just so many different problems that there could be with a pen. With a pencil, it can be quite easy to actually see what the problem is with the pencil. There are only two real problems that there could be: It could need some sharpening or the eraser has been completely used up, and that’s when you resort to a cap eraser or a block eraser. I give the edge to the pencil here.

WHS Sophomore Joey Lutz doesn’t find this a problem. He believes that, “Pens are better since you never have to sharpen them. You can almost never lose them since they all have a unique design. Ink is replaceable, and pens are just so much easier to read.”

Then, you have the obvious benefit that favors the pencil: the eraser. If you make a mistake with the pencil, you can simply flip the pencil and erase your mistake. But, with the pen, you have to find a bottle of whiteout which almost no one has, and then brush the whiteout tip over it, wait two or three minutes, and even then it still looks like you made a mistake! All that time wasted just waiting for a mistake to be fixed. Obvious advantage for the pencil here.

Sophomore Zeeshan Shaikh agrees with this, saying that “The pencil shall always be superior to the pen; it is essential for school as it erases mistakes and humans always makes mistakes.”

Hong also believes that the pencil has a strong advantage here, stating, “If I don’t have white out with me, I can fix the error easily.”

In some situations, a pencil is necessary, and sometimes, a pen is necessary. The pen is used a lot more, but I believe that the pencil should be reintroduced and it should not be so underrated. Bring back the pencil!

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