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There Are Three Different Kinds of New Year’s Resolutions Makers

by Sarah Grace McElwain

Every time the New Year rolls around, people dig deep to create a New Year’s resolution that can help improve themselves over the next year. Many people want to be healthier, nicer, or just improve themselves overall. Some people resolve to accomplish something like improve their grades or make a sports team.

Some people are not looking to make changes in their lives, per se, but to make a change to the way they look at life. Senior Brianna Wilson said, “My resolution is to learn to love myself instead of trying to change myself.”

New Year’s resolutions are great, but does everyone really go through with them? I know from experience that your resolutions tend to die by the middle of the year. I personally do not even remember my 2015 New Year’s resolution,

There are really three kinds of people when it comes to New Year’s resolutions: the ones that follow theirs religiously, the ones that give up halfway, and the ones that do not even bother making them.

The ones that completely follow their resolutions are everyone’s goals. They always end up completing their New Year’s resolution and accomplishing their goals. Their dedication is real. Physical education and Health teacher Jennifer Kendro is one of these people every other year. “This year my resolution is to get 10,000 steps a day,” said Kendro.

The next most common type are the people that give up halfway. Just because you do not go through with your resolution does not mean that you are lazy. Sometimes people finish their resolutions halfway through the year. Sometimes they realize their resolution was unrealistic. Other times, however, they just get lazy.

The third and final type is probably the most realistic. Many people do not even understand the point of making a New Year’s resolution. Some just know they are not going to go through with their resolution, so why make one in the first place?

Even though this type may seem lazy or unmotivated, they are really just being honest with themselves. Freshmen Halle Houck does not have a New Year’s resolution this year, but she did recall one resolution that she has followed every year since she was younger. “I remember when I was younger I told myself I would start working out, and I’ve been doing it ever since,” said Houck.

People this year are all over the place with their New Year’s resolutions. If you were realistic with yourself and decided not to attempt this year, that is ok. If you made a resolution this year, good luck to you. Whether you made a resolution or not, I hope you have a fantastic 2016!