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What Is the Best Tasting Chain Pizza?

by Addie Robert

Everybody loves a different kind of pizza, I gave a few students an option between Pizza Hut, Dominos, Papa Johns, and Little Caesars

Out of 95 people 43% of them said   Domino’s is their favorite pizza.
Olivia Blizard a sophomore at Walkersville High School said “Domino’s is my favorite because it tastes the best and is fresh”
     Piper Susi a Sophomore at Walkersville High school said “I think Domino’s is the best because the others don’t taste as good, but generally I don’t eat chain pizza. I eat Pasquale’s which is amazing”
Savannah Crosson a sophomore at Walkersville High school said “I love Domino’s because it tastes like pizza that you would get at an actual restaurant”
Kathryn Georgiannis a sophomore from Linganore said “I like Dominos because it is cheap and fast and amazing”
Edwin Monoto a Junior at Frederick High School said “Me personally I love Dominoes, mainly because of the crust. It has garlic like flavor to it with other seasoning, I’m sure they brush it on there. But I always get bacon on my pizza, I don’t go all out but still very good. Everything about the pizza just comes together and tastes so good the sauce has flavor and you can taste it, it doesn’t just taste like marinara. Everything about it is perfect.”

Mathena Frederick a sophomore at Walkersville High School said “Most definitely Domino’s. Domino’s crust is amazing and I hate all pizza crust. Little Caesars is cheap and I like their sausage pizza, but it’s nowhere close to Domino’s wonderful flavor. Pizza Hut I feel is good pizza, but once again nothing compared to Domino’s. It doesn’t have that lovely texture and thick dough feeling when you bite into it ya know? Domino’s wings, best wings in the world. I could eat two times my bodyweight in those god dang wings. The wings dipped in there heated up milky ranch just makes my mouth water. I will never turn down a slice of Domino’spizza or a wing from dominos.”