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Donald Trump Nominated for Nobel Peace Prize

by Jillian Atelsek

After a disappointing second-place finish in Monday’s Iowa Caucus, Donald Trump’s name emerged once again in the news media on Tuesday morning, this time among a list of nominees for the 2016 Nobel Peace Prize.

Many people are shocked and outraged that Trump is being placed on the same level of figures such as Nadia Murad (a woman who fights for the rights of ISIS rape victims) and Pope Francis, while others believe the nomination was well-deserved. Senior James Shipe was one of the latter, saying “He’s a smart man. He deserves to have one.”

Senior Anna Eyler, however, was completely opposed. “That is a disgrace to the name of the prize,” she said upon hearing the news. “He’s the last person on Earth that I thought would ever get it, because he just spews hate – the opposite of peace.”

Junior Joey Edwards fell somewhere in the middle of the Trump Spectrum, saying “I mean, it’s a free country, so good for him.” Edwards believes that Trump “knows how to run a business, which is what America needs to get its economy back on track,” but when asked if this knowledge merited a Nobel Peace Prize, Edwards admitted, “probably not.”

This is not the first time that questionable and controversial figures have been in the running for the prize. Past nominees include Edward Snowden, nominated in 2014, Vladimir Putin, nominated in 2013, and even Josef Stalin, nominated in 1945 (The Independent). In fact, the credentials required in order to be eligible to nominate someone are fairly loose. According to, any university professor of social science, history, philosophy, law, or theology can nominate an individual whom they think deserves the honor. In addition, any nomination submitted by a member of a national assembly or state government, any person who has won the prize in the past, or any board member of an organization that has won the prize in the past is considered valid.

According to CNN, the person who nominated Trump preferred to remain anonymous. He or she stated that Trump deserves the prize because of his “vigorous peace through strength ideology, used as a threat weapon of deterrence against radical Islam, ISIS, nuclear Iran and Communist China.”

In the end, however, most analysts and experts agree that Trump has virtually no chance of winning the prize.