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Girls Basketball Team Psyched Up for Playoffs

by Robert Kirkwood

Ball is life!! The girls varsity basketball teams pushes their way through many battles for this very moment. Their first playoff game is Tuesday at home.

Maddie Laquey, junior said, “They’re a great team and have passion for each other and the game.” This team definitely does have the connection.

Business teacher, Regina Stelma, believes in their skills too. Stelma said “I am so impressed with their ball skills — they’re amazing.”

The team has many senior leaders such as Mackenzie White, Anastasia Taylor, Mckenzie Mathis, Ariona Johnson, who have put many  points up over the season, showing their dominance on the squad.

Zack Henigin said “They will dog anyone, and should not have lost in the first place.”

Students and athletes alike are ecstatic to see them go far, just like the varsity football team did this year.

More excitement builds up as every week passes. The deeper and deeper we get in the season, the heart of certain players starts to show who wants it the most this year. Mike Mathis, the head coach, is working to keep his players in line and disciplined for those game finishers.

Sophomore Noah Sadler always comes to the games to watch the girls do what they do best. Sadler, who is the varsity football kicker,  said “They are about to wreck, I can’t wait to see them eat at Towson.”