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Junior Emma Crouch Shares What She Enjoys About Being an Upperclassman and Plans for Her Future

by Haley Conley

There are many upperclassmen in Walkersville High School, but one that makes a huge impression is student Emma Crouch. I had the opportunity to talk to her and ask her a few questions about being a junior and what her future plans are.

Q: What have you enjoyed about being an upperclassmen?

A: “We had a lot better spots at the football games.”

Q: Are you looking forward to senior year? Anything specifically?

A: “Yes, taking 101 classes and playing soccer and senior night.”

Q:Are there any teachers or students that you look up to?

A: “Mr. Wid; he’s a really good teacher and explains things when you ask. He’s kind of funny too.”

Q: Have you started your college hunt yet and are there any school that have caught your eye?

A: “Yes, I’ve visited a lot of North Carolina schools. I really liked UNC (University of North Carolina)”

Q: Are you involved in any clubs or sports? Do you plan on being in any next year?

A: “I’m in junior class executive board and SGA (Student Government Association) and I am student ambassador. I’m going to play soccer again next year.”

Q: Do you know what classes you plan to take next year?

A: “I’m taking a lot of 101 classes like English and Biology 101 along with AP Chemistry.”


After talking to Emma I went and talked to one of her classmates, Junior Maddie LaQuey. I asked her what she liked about having class with her.

LaQuey said “she helps out when you need help. She is very smart and very friendly.” Then I asked her what she thought about Emma being student ambassador and she said “It definitely fits her (Emma), her personality fits the role. She is always helping everybody.”

Later on after talking to LaQuey, I decided to go talk to counselor Debra Phebus who has worked closely with Emma. She started off by saying “ She’s a great leader by example and she’s very compassionate towards others. She jumps into to do anything to help when she can.” I then started asking Dr.Phebus a few questions. I started by asking what she likes about having Emma as a student in our building and she said “She’s a student who appreciates her education and takes advantage of her opportunities. She enjoys what she does.” Then following that I asked Dr.Phebus if she has any favorite memories with Emma and she said “The state track championships. She enjoyed it and worked very closely with the team.” Emma played on the unified Bocce and Track team.

Getting to know Emma was great and she definitely has a big future ahead of her. She may be a quiet person but she has an amazing academic future and is a very bright person.