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Superbowl 50 a Win for the Denver Broncos and Peyton Manning

by Savannah Crosson

On Sunday, February 7th, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50! The highly anticipated game ended in a score of 24-10.

With the Panthers being 15-1 and the Broncos being 12-4 the outcome of the game could have gone either way.

The well-known quarterback for the Broncos, Peyton Manning may have also played his last game. Manning is 39 years old and just won his 200th game, the highest amount of wins a quarterback has had. Sophomore Sarah Mcelwain said “I didn’t really have a preference on who won the game. I was happy with the outcome though; the Broncos deserved it.”

Senior Jordan Middleton says “I think it’s ironic because everyone was expecting the Panthers to win because of their record and it shows how people will just choose the better team to be victorious when in reality, anyone could win.”

Some students are very happy about the Broncos victory. Sophomore Mckenzie Wright says “I feel great about the Broncos winning. My family likes the Broncos and it was nice to see them win the Super Bowl”

Others were upset, Sophomore Addie Robert said “I really wanted the Panthers to win. I love North Carolina. I go to Emerald Isle every year and that’s why I love the Panthers.”  

Lots of students did not have a preference or really seem to care who won. Sophomore Felicity Poulin said “I didn’t really mind who won, but I was rooting for the Panthers so I was kind of upset.”

At the end of the game reporters flooded Peyton Manning with questions pertaining to not only his take on the Broncos season overall but also his personal views on Super Bowl 50 and the outcome of the game.

In his interview with Tracy Wolfson which aired on CBS, Wolfson asked him what it meant to win the Super Bowl. “Well it’s very special Tracy, this game was much like this season has been, It really tested our toughness, our resilience, our own selfishness and so it’s only fitting it turned out this way and [I had] a great bunch of teammates a great bunch of guys I got to play with and I just feel very grateful.” Peyton responded.

Manning has not officially confirmed that Super Bowl 50 was his last game or not. Either way, winning the game was a great achievement for the Broncos and a wonderful experience for both teams and anyone who watched the game.