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What Do WHS Students and Staff Get Their Loved Ones On Valentine’s Day?

by Kiaya Scott

Do you ever wonder what guys usually get their girlfriends for Valentine’s Day, or wonder what they have planned to do for the day? I’ve done a little research into the heart of Walkersville High School and found what a few Walkersville students and staff think.

Seniors Austin Farinholt and Keanu Rosa, Junior Chase Bosley, and Sophomore Will Staab said “I’d buy her some flowers and a box of chocolate.”

“If I had a girl I would buy her some candy that she likes and a teddy bear, and get my mom something different” said senior Jaden Brownlee

“I think that a box of chocolate and some nice jewelry would make her happy” said senior Luke Tharpe

Junior Josh Clegg and senior TJ Metcalf both said “I’d definitely get her some flowers and jewelry.”

“Truffles! I would make her some truffles.” said Senior Joe Beck

“I don’t know, I guess some flowers.” said senior Carlos Morlas

“I’d buy her a big teddy bear!” sophomore Quantae Thompson yelled at me

Seniors Bruce Illanga and Isaiah Drake said they’d “give her their love.”

assistant Principal Jason Linenger said “We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. We’ve been married for 16 years and don’t need a special day to show each other love when we can do that everyday.”

“ Well I just usually take her to dinner at her favorite restaurant.” Coach Joe Polce stated

“ My only fear of Valentine’s Day is the fear of getting screamed at if I don’t get her a gift.” Coach Lee Palmer said laughing

“ Ummm, a teddy bear and chocolate is what I’d get her, but I wouldn’t get my mom the same thing — that’ll be weird  ” said senior Adbou Salifu

“ My gift would be special because I’d give her some chocolate covered strawberries and my fire mixtape.” said Junior Brandon Hankins

Assistant Principal Danny Rumph said “I’d rather take the money that would be used on that day and use it in the middle of April on something special. I don’t need a special to show my wife love and I can do that everyday.”

Seniors Alex Moore and Keon Askins both said “Flowers, chocolate and jewelry.”

“Whatever I see on a jewelry commercial is what I’d get my Valentine.” Senior Lino Aguilar-Barron said

“Imma just take her out to eat and give her a box of chocolates.” said Senior Lamaj Goins

Guidance Counselor Ryan Defibaugh said “ Something that makes her smile and show that we appreciate her as a family.”