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While Clinton and Sanders Fight for the Democratic Ticket, Students Favor Sanders So Far

by Rachel Canzoneri

The race for the Presidency is as intense as ever, and the fight between Democrats Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton is no different when it comes to the matter of getting minority votes.

According to CNN, a recent poll in South Carolina, an extremely diverse area in the U.S.,  found that Clinton is leading among black voters 65% to 28%. But, Sanders has been a civil rights advocate since day one. He was even arrested in 1963 at a Civil Rights Action in Chicago. So, why is Sanders struggling in receiving minority votes?

Junior Zoe Nagel said “It may be because she’s a woman, and her husband was a past President.” However, Nagel added that she feels “Hillary is a bit two faced.”

“I think there’s gonna be a change in tide very soon,” said junior Ashley Wilcom. “Bernie has recently addressed a lot of issues; even Freddie Gray’s daughter endorsed him.” Wilcom added that “he’s crushing Hillary in polls right now, and it shows that our generation matters and we do have a voice.” Wilcom is a major Bernie supporter, stating that “the thought of anyone other than Bernie running the country scares [her].”

“It feels like Bernie genuinely cares, while Hillary does what she can to get votes” said senior Veronica Lawrence. Junior Alexis Vasquez agreed, saying “Hillary seems to be doing this for publicity, more than wanting to change the country for next generations. Bernie is looking out for minorities and the future generations of America.”

However, there are students like freshman Victoria Piechowski who doesn’t care for Clinton or Sanders, stating she doesn’t “like Sander’s opinions on socialism and [thinks] it’s wrong for America,” adding that she doesn’t “support Hillary because [she’s] seen her lie and seen her do things unfit for a President.”

Endorsements may also play a role in the current voting. Influential celebrities like Magic Johnson, Ariana Grande, and Jennifer Lopez all support Clinton, along with minority organizations like the Feminist Majority.

Regardless of the current polls and statistics, it’s clear that Sanders is a favorite among the students.