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WHS Sophomore Will Anderson Running for Student Member of the Board of Education

by Kaitleen Borromeo

High school is not only a place for quality education, but it is also an environment for students to become innovative and develop opinions on certain matters. There is no doubt that many students have encountered minor disagreements regarding certain aspects of  FCPS and how decisions are made. However, there are only a select few who decide to take action and let their voice be heard.

Sophomore William Anderson is a prime example of how students can become young leaders. Anderson expresses that “there are a lot of students in the school and just in FCPS in general who do not realize that there is a Student Member of the Board of Education and that students do have a say in the decision making of our school district.”

I reviewed his resume and platform and noticed his in depth leadership experience, which is impressive considering how early he got involved. The young student seems to have many great ideas and concerns for the community. Some of which included “visiting elementary and middle schools to reach out to the younger crowd and dropping by Student Government Association meetings at high schools within the district. I also want to voice my opinion on the versatility of classes offered at WHS and freshman sports,” he said.

One aspect that sparked my curiosity was what motivated him to take charge. “I realized I could get involved in student leadership at a county level when I was about eleven or twelve years old. I started getting involved with the Frederick County Association of Student Councils in sixth grade and became a board member in eighth grade I guess I just did not want decisions to be made for me. I do not think I had any specific concerns at the time, but I knew that being a voice and having a voice in the decisions would affect me is something I wanted to be a part of,” he said.

Aside from Anderson’s strong leadership skills, he also takes part in a wide range of extracurricular activities within the school as well as outside. Some activities include WHS Varsity Golf, Shakespeare Club, French Club and International Thespian Society. He also prides himself in volunteering at the Walkersville Food Bank.

On top of that, Anderson is also a published author. His books, The Sorcerers and The Starry Tower, are books one and two in The Sorcerers’ Series.

Anderson has already impressed students and staff around the school, but there are no other people more amazed and supportive as WHS Principal Tracey Franklin and History teacher/ SGA advisor Jason Lepeonka. “I could tell from my first interaction with Will that he is very passionate to lead and generate change. I know that he is a strong advocate and I am behind him one hundred percent,” said Franklin.

“I think his ability to be responsible and his work ethic truly make him stand out from the rest. Not to mention, his overall caring for this school and the community,” said Lepeonka.

Will is definitely more than qualified for this position and wants to serve his school and community well. Today is the last day to vote for Anderson so get right on it! All you have to do is go to the FCPS page, log in with your student ID and vote for the candidate you prefer.

For more info on his campaign, check out Will’s Facebook page, Will Anderson for SMOB.