features - frosh profile
Freshman Barry Fleming a Vibrant Personality with a Great Sense of Humor

by Haley Conley

Freshman Barry Fleming is a person who stands out not only through his involvement in sports, but through his vibrant personality.

I had the chance to ask Fleming a few questions.

Q: How have you liked being in high school?

A: It’s been nice; everybody keeps to themselves and isn’t really in your business.

Q: Were you scared/nervous on your first day of school?

A: No, I wasn’t really scared because nobody was going to do anything to me.

Q: What have you enjoyed in high school? Clubs? Sports? Friends?

A: I enjoyed swim team, I made new friends. I won the 100 backstroke once.

Q: What sports/clubs have you been involved in? Do you plan on being in any next year?

A: I haven’t been involved in any other clubs/sports but I plan on doing swim next year.

Q: Are you looking forward to sophomore year? Any teachers you look forward to having?

A: Yes, because I feel like it only goes up from there. Mrs.Pardo, she keeps me in a straight line and tells the truth.

Q: Do you have any classes you plan on taking next semester?

A: Aquatics 1, I look forward to getting in the pool everyday.

Fleming has many friends and one of his friends is freshman Christina Huffer. She said  “I have known him since 5th grade.”

Huffer continued with,  “My friends were friends with him and introduced us one night.” Huffer said she had class with Fleming last semester. She said “last semester we had digital photography; he’s very loud and funny.”

Huffer said her favorite memory with Fleming was “one time we went looking for a dog and a homeless man was asking for money while we were in the car and we pretended to be deaf. It was so funny.”

Social Studies teacher Andreanne Valee said “He [Fleming] is very energetic and full of personality; he also is funny.”

Valee continued with “If he channels his personality into his schooling and extracurriculars he would do really well.”

When Valee was asked what her favorite memory of Fleming was she said “he sang a Christmas song and let me record it and put it on snapchat.”

Fleming is full of all the energy and personality. He has so much great potential to make the swim team stand out for the next three years at Walkersville High School.