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Iran Policies Starting to Turn Favorably Towards the United States

by Brian Thebau

Last July, a document was proposed to the leader of Iran, stating that they needed to reduce the amount of nuclear weapons and stockpile of uranium in the country.

Now, several months later, elections for a new leader of Iran are being held and it could decide the fate of relationship between the United States and Iran. The voters are split up between the Moderates and the Reformists. Moderates lean more towards traditional Iranian values while Reformists want to extend their cultural reach and embrace western ideas.

So far, according to the New York Times, there is no conclusive evidence over the results of the elections, except that “the reformist-moderate combination has secured 80-90 seats in the Majils, or Parliament.” (

Two days ago, USA Today published an article that gave more insight into the impact of the election and it looks like a big deal. According to the article, “The Iranian people seem to favor better ties with the United States….” and “…the vote signaled strong support for the accord,(Nuclear Deal) though both moderates and hard-liners favored the part of the deal that lifted sanctions.” (

What this means is that Iran seems to be opening up to the western world and is starting to grow on the idea of being allies with the United States. Economically, the election results are leaning toward the idea of President Hassan Rouhani, who was elected in 2013, coming back to serve another term and improve the Iranian economy. (

According to Hamidreza Taraghi, a hard-line political analyst, “Clearly, the hard-liners have won; we have 115 seats.” Adding that “we (Hard-liners) will be the dominant faction.” Mr. Ghorbanpour, a political analyst close to the Rouhani government argued that since “The reformists and moderates have 130 seats, more than everybody…we will set the agenda.” (

Right now, the results as to who will win the elections are unclear, but it seems to be that the citizens of Iran are open to the Western culture and the nuclear deal, which is great news for the United States.