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Many WHS Students Are Planning for Fun Times Over the Upcoming Spring Break

by Savannah Crosson

Students at Walkersville High are excited and ready for this upcoming break! Spring break is a time where students are able to get away from school and relax.

I talked to many students to see what they had planned. Lots of students are planning on going on vacation.

Freshman Halle Houck said “I’m really excited because I might be going to the beach!”

Sophomores Abby Engle and Julia Mattis are “going to Italy together”.

Junior Lexy Crist said “I’m planning on going to the beach, going camping, and going fishing with my boyfriend.”

Sophomore Mackenzie Wright is “planning on going to Philadelphia and New York and also celebrate my birthday.”

Sophomore Leah Sine is “going to China again.”

Sophomore Paige Shortt said “I am going to Holland for spring break.”

“I’m going to the Bahamas!” said freshman Elijah Oliver.

Freshman Liam Rousselle said  “I am going to France and I am also planning on attending a family reunion.”

Sophomore Piper Susi said “I am super excited for spring break because I am going to Florida.”

Other students did not have many plans. Most said they were going to relax, sleep, or work.  

Senior Ricky Miller said “I plan on sleeping and working.”

Sophomore Nora Johnston said “I am going to sleep the whole time.”

“Nothing, I am doing nothing.” said sophomore Parker Montour.

Sophomore Rebecca Raub said “I’m sleeping.”

Maddie Farling  said “I don’t really have plans yet.”

Sophomore McKayla Swann plans on “hanging out with my best friend and relaxing.” Sophomore Haleigh Eyler said “I’m looking forward to spring break because of my birthday.”