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Nasty Flu Season Taking Its Toll on WHS

by Casey Cassels

It seems to be shaping up to a nasty flu season in Maryland. The flu virus is unpredictable, so no one knows when the outbreak will peak or how bad the season will be. Doctors are saying that this season has the potential to be the worst influenza in recent years.

Many students, not only here at Walkersville High, but other schools in our county as well, are complaining of flu like symptoms.

Junior McKenzie Edmonds seems to be one of the many students who has the symptoms. When asked what her symptoms are,  Edmonds said “ I have had a really sore throat and I’m losing my voice. I’ve also been non stop coughing for the last couple days.”

The school nurse here at Walkersville High, Kelly Pranger, had a lot to say about the flu this season and everything that has been going on in the health room at this time.

Pranger said “Kids have been coming in for flu like symptoms since the beginning of March.” Pranger did not think that anyone she saw had the flu but she heard that there is a bad flu going around in Maryland and said that everyone should be aware of this virus and should take all the steps necessary to prevent getting it.  

One student in particular, Senior Michaela Zeller, has been a huge trooper for the past ten weeks as she has been dealing with the flu and still has missed no school. Zeller has been having a rough time with her virus and she said “I’ve been struggling with this virus for a long time now and I’ve tried everything to stop it but nothing is working.”

Zeller added, “I’ve been on three different antibiotics and I’ve taken every precaution necessary to get rid of this flu.” Somehow, Zeller missed no school during that time.

Zeller said that she seems to be at the tail end of her sickness and said “ I hope to continue to miss no more days of school, so hopefully I feel a 100% better soon!”

To prevent yourself or others from getting the flu this season, doctors are saying to get the flu vaccination. Also, you should be following these good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands often, which can help stop the spread of germs and prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu. There also are flu antiviral drugs that can be used to treat and prevent the flu.