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Seniors Nervously Await Word On Where They Will Be Attending College for the Next Four Years

by Jillian Atelsek

This time of year is a critical one for the seniors of Walkersville High who are planning to go away to college in the fall. As the end of March approaches, many students will be receiving critical information in the mail that has the potential to determine where they will be spending the next four years.

For students like myself who have yet to be accepted or rejected by multiple schools, time seems to be dragging.

Senior Elizabeth Peifer says, “I’m feeling really nervous and stressed.”

Senior Mikaylah Collins is experiencing the same emotions, telling me, “I’m torn between a school that I’ve been accepted at, Philadelphia University, and a school that I’m still waiting on, the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn.”

For other college-bound seniors, such as Jennifer Simmons, everything depends on the money. We all know that a college education can be extremely expensive, and scholarship offers are a huge factor in the final decision. Simmons says, “I’ve been accepted into all of my schools, but I’m still waiting on scholarship information. That’s what’s gonna determine where I end up going.”

Seniors Kaitlyn Tokarz and Taylor McClelland have already decided that they will be attending Virginia Tech University and Towson University, respectively. When asks how it feels to be free of the realm of uncertainty that many of us are still trapped in, Tokarz said, “I’m feeling really good. I’m ready to start my college experience now.”

McClelland echoed a similar statement of contentedness and relief, stating, “It feels incredible – the weight of the decision has been lifted off my shoulders.”

Senior Adam Hostetter has also made his choice, and will be attending the University of Maryland, College Park in the fall. “It feels a lot less stressful,” he says. “I enjoy the feeling of certainty.”

As March draws to a close, all remaining uncertainties will begin to be settled. April 1st is the latest possible date for colleges to notify their applicants of a decision. Until then, the seniors of Walkersville High will continue to anxiously check their mailboxes and refresh their E-mail accounts.