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Sophomore Eikaiva Boyer Chosen for Select Journalism Program with the Frederick News Post and CTC

by Kaitleen Borromeo

One of our very own student journalists, sophomore Eikaiva Boyer, was admitted into the newly founded Career and Technology Center (also known as CTC) Journalism program, which is associated with the Frederick News Post. Boyer is one of the lucky two applicants who were chosen for the program.

Our Frederick CTC has provided compassionate, young students a plethora of opportunities to seek out their interest for many years. Whether it be Criminal Justice or Culinary Arts, CTC has opened the door for high schoolers to explore what they love, while getting a taste of what their future careers may be like.

Selective of its applicants, the program allows students to explore journalism in a professional environment outside of the classroom. Students are also able to gain real world knowledge that they would not have gotten otherwise.  Though apparently only admitting upperclassmen, Boyer’s talent as a sophomore was enough to earn her a coveted spot.

“I got into the program even though I’m a sophomore because they liked my work, and it became official because of how hard I worked,” she said.

Boyer found her knack for writing rather early. “I realized that I enjoyed writing when I was in middle school and then I became really passionate about it,” she explained.

English teacher Eric Reickel was able to notice Boyers enthusiasm towards writing articles when she took his Journalism class during first semester. Her quality work stood out enough for Reickel to recommend Boyer to apply for the CTC program.

Reickel stated, “Eikaiva wrote more than twice as many stories as was required during her first semester in journalism, and the stories were developed and interesting.  I knew then she was a special student, and when this opportunity came along, I had no doubt she’d be the perfect fit.”

“Applying for the program was a three week process. First, we had to submit an application and two of our best articles. After all the submissions, five finalists were chosen and each were interviewed. After that, two finalists were chosen,” Boyer explained.

Of course, we all have had that anxious feeling in the pit of our stomachs when we are nervous or desire something very badly. Knowing how to balance your emotions in a certain situation is difficult, but Boyer was able to stay calm throughout the process.

“I tried to stay mellow, while in hope that I would get this chance. I know a person shouldn’t get their hopes up, but I was also like, ‘I really hope I get this!’ because it would be an amazing opportunity and a great experience,” she said.

When Boyer found out that she was in the top five, she was ecstatic. “I was pretty excited just to know I was a finalist because it made me feel like I had something going for me as a journalist,” she said.

Boyer then had an interview at the Frederick News Post where she was asked questions about her work ethic as a student journalist, how she would handle certain situations if she were to get the chance to write for the newspaper as a part of the program.

“I was confident with how my interview went and I was very calm. I knew just to be myself and worked out well,” noted Boyer.

One week later, Boyer was informed that she was chosen for the program. However, she was told the news in an interesting way.

“I was just in the library during FLEX with my friends. The librarian came to me and said that the principal needed to see me in her office immediately, so I was really scared because it seemed like I was in trouble. I walked into her office while she was on the phone with Mr. Concepcion who is the Principal of CTC. I sat down, she put him on speaker and they told me the news. When I found out that I got it, I was really excited. I actually started crying,” Boyer laughed.

Now that Boyer is officially a part of the program, she, and the other student journalist, have been given the assignment to write an article on successful CTC alumni.

“We have to  treat this like a real journalism job. We have to get contact information of the CTC alumni, set a time and place to meet and interview them, and then, we have to write the article by a specific by deadline,” she explained.

This opportunity is no doubt a once in a lifetime chance that aspiring, young writers would kill to have. Boyer is definitely eager to venture out and start her journey as a student journalist.

“I’m looking forward to getting experience and be a student journalist outside of WHS.  I also look forward to writing more and seeing what happens,” she said.