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What Kinds of Music Do Walkersville Students Listen To?

by Kalil Ricketts

             Students like to listen to music all the time every point of the day. What kind of music are the students at Walkersville listening to?  

              There are many different kinds of music artists students are listening to every day.                Students like electronic kind of music. (Google.com) Electronic music is performed using synthesizers ( electronic musical instrument) and other electronic instruments.  Junior Bailey Coop says he listens to “a group called Celtic Thunder an Irish group and they helped me through tough times.”         

     Students like upbeat, happy, enthusiastic types of music. Junior Ricard Putmin says “ A DJ named KDrew; he plays upbeat music, I like him because he is an inspiration to me.”

               Students like bands that play a big variety of different types of music like rap, rock, and other genres. Freshman Kobe Duncan says “ I like the band Coldplay because they have a wide range of music and great instrumentals.”

               Students like Indie rock music, Indie rock music is an alternative type of rock that originated in the United Kingdom in the 1980s (Google.com). Sophomore Avery Jett’Folk says “I like Julian Casablancas because he has a really good voice, and the style of the lyrics are like a political message.”

                Students also like punk rock, punk rock a loud, fast-moving, and aggressive form of rock music that was popular in the late 1970s and early 1980s (Google.com). Sophomore Drew Quill says “ I like Rising Dead, a punk rock group because they are a tank (awesome)!”

                Students like rap music; rap music is a style of music of rapid beats that fit the rhymes the rapper is spitting (rapping). Sophomore Adam Myers says “I like the rapper Gucci mane because he is a gangster (cool guy).”  

                 Students at Walkersville High School like different types of music and that separates them from all the others. This creates some individuality within the school and makes our student body an interesting community with tons of personality. Music inspires the student body to get things done in and outside of the high school.