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WHS Spanish Club Donates Over 1,000 Pencils to Students In Need

by Rachel Canzoneri

On Wednesday, March 2nd, the Spanish club traveled to Hillcrest Elementary school in Downtown Frederick, where they will be donating over 1,000 pencils they collected to students in need of basic supplies.

“It’s nice that they’re helping out the community and they’re helping out kids in need.” said senior Brayan Vindas Azofefia.

Senior Jeremy Pirker added “It’s good that the Spanish club is doing that.”

Spanish teacher Loyda Lugo-Goff had much information to share on the topic, stating that “The Pencil Project is a non-profit organization that helps schools in need by donating supplies.”

The project took a lot of determination.  Lugo-Goff continued with “the club mostly collected pencils during the first semester; it was an ongoing project”

She said, “over the summer [she] even texted [her] students in Spanish club using Remind 101 to tell them where pencils were on sale!”

Half the pencils will also be shipped to an elementary school in Puerto Rico, where more children in need will receive basic supplies.

“We haven’t shipped the pencils to Puerto Rico yet,” said Lugo-Goff.

“Back at Christmas time we sold friendship bracelets that were actually made in Puerto Rico. The money we received from the selling the bracelets is being used to ship the pencils to Puerto Rico,” she continued.

Lugo-Goff also gave credit to the Safe and Sound committee, saying “they donated multiple packages of pencils as well.”.  

Hillcrest Elementary School Principal Kimberly Seiss said “Students and staff are thrilled to have new pencils. Supplies this time of year are low and we often don’t think about purchasing fresh school supplies. Perfect timing!”

Seiss also stated that “With 1,000 students we are always looking for this kind of support. We have had organizations donate hats, gloves, coats, backpacks and supplies. We are a school in high need,” adding that “every little bit helps!”

Clearly, Hillcrest Elementary is extremely excited about the donation, wishing a sincere “Gracias to the Walkersville High School Spanish Club!”