WHS Students Are Driving Some Nice Cars

by Kiaya Scott

I’ve always wondered how do the students at this school get the cars that they have? Especially the newest cars that just came out.  I choose three students with a really nice car and asked them about it .

The first student I interviewed is junior Morgan Jernigan who drives an off the ground black pick up truck.

KS: So Morgan how did you purchase the car? Did you get it yourself, or did your parents buy it, was it passed down?

MJ:  Well my parents bought it for me, but I’m going to pay them back.

KS: Lucky you! That’s  a very nice truck.

MJ: Thank you.

KS: Next question is, when you first got the car what was your reaction, or how did you feel?

MJ: I was really excited; in fact I am still excited that I actually have it.

KS: I would be too. So are you satisfied with the vehicle that you have or were you expecting something better?

MJ: Honestly I couldn’t ask for anything more, I’m happy with what I’ve got.

KS: Okay. Last question, Do you feel more independent now that you have a car?

MJ: Yes! I can drive wherever I want when I need to.

KS: Thank you so much for time, I really appreciate it.

The second student interviewed is senior Rae-quon Cartnail and he drive a Lexus.

KS: So I see you have yourself a nice Lexus here. Did you pay for it yourself?

RC: No I did not get it, my parents got it for me.

KS: Once you got the car how did you feel?

RC: I felt like the happiest kid ever, like a kid in the candy store happy.

KS: That’s probably how I’d be once I get my first car. Are you satisfied with the car that you have?

RC: Yes I love it! I wouldn’t change it for anything — it’s like my baby.

KS: Are you more independent now that you’re driving?

RC: Yeah, I’m on my own and it’s my responsibility.

KS: That’s good. Thanks for your time.

Wow! Two responsible independent students is good but let’s hope that we have a third, if so that’ll be even better than two. Last but not least I also talked to McKayla Collins who is also a senior and whips a Volkswagen Turbo Buggy.

KS: I just wondering how did you purchase the car that you have?

MC: Actually, my parents bought my car for me.

KS: Okay. When you first found out the car was for you, how did you feel?

MC: It was a surprise, because I wasn’t expecting to get a car at all.

KS: Wow! Are you pretty satisfied with the car?

MC: Like I said, I wasn’t expecting anything but I’ve  always wanted a bug. If it were a convertible it would be perfect.

KS:Are you more independent now than you were before without a car?

MC: Yes, I’m able to take myself places without depending on my parents or anyone else.

KS: I feel you. Thanks so much

These are some pretty lucky students who got blessed with cars from their parents. Now if I had my own car I’d be set, and more responsible and independent than I am today. Honestly, I  wish I was blessed with a car but I would like to purchase  my own car with my own money like a responsible teenager.

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