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WHS Students Excited About the Possibilities of Spring Break

by Casey Cassels

Spring break is approaching, causing a lot of excitement for the students here at Walkersville High. It is a time for everyone to relax and enjoy a little bit of time off; for many it isa chance to get away from this Maryland weather and an opportunity to go places they may have never been before.

While some students are vacationing somewhere new to them, others are deciding to go where they normally enjoy their spring break. Not everyone is traveling though; some are just staying home and relaxing with their time off.

Other kids such as myself have several options to do over spring break. Deciding which place to go can be difficult but there is only a couple days left to make that decision, so we have to be ready to choose.

I asked some of the kids around the school what they are doing for spring break and this is what I got.

Senior Kaitlyn Tokarz said “I’m going to DC one day.”

Senior Cara Netzer is “planning on visiting a couple of colleges.”

Seniors Becca Koontz and Mikaylah Collins both said “I’m planning on staying home and doing nothing.”

Junior Michael Sniezek said “I’m doing nothing.”

Junior Myiah Seymour said “I’m going on a trip with my friends to Virginia for a couple of days. When we come home we’re planning on going to each other’s houses and hanging out for the rest of the week.”

Some kids have no time off from their spring sports and have games or practices over the break.

Senior Hannah Condren said “I can’t really go anywhere because I have lacrosse games over the break.”

Junior Maddie Hommey said “I have soccer tournaments over the break that I’m going to.”

Senior Jennifer Simmons said “I’m going to my grandma’s house and afterwards I will be going to my track meet.”

Sophomore Ashley Fulmer said “I have track practice next week and our first meet is on Saturday.”

Most for the students here at Walkersville seem eager and ready for their time off from school next week, whether they are staying home or planning on vacationing.