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Admitted Students Day Gives WHS Seniors a Glimpse of Life Away at Their New School

by Casey Cassels

This past weekend, many students at Walkersville High, participated in admitted students day at the college they’re planning on attending in the fall. This allows them to get a better feel of the college and really get to see what they will be experiencing for the next couple years.

Most schools have admitted students day sometime in the next couple of weeks, such as University of Maryland. UMD will have the event this Friday and next Friday. There are several people from Walkersville who will be attending the event such as senior Rebecca Koontz and senior Anna Eyler, who have already committed there or  are planning on committing there.

Eyler said “I’m really excited for the opportunity to visit Maryland before I make my final decision. I think it will really help me know if that’s the school for me.”

Schools such as Towson, Ithaca, and Virginia Tech all had admitted students day on April ninth. Some students even went for the whole weekend to be able to sleep over at their campus to give them an even better idea of what college life will be like.

Senior Kaitlyn Tokarz visited Virginia Tech this past weekend and she got to do an overnight there. Tokarz said “I got to stay in the dorms I will be living in and be around other future VT engineers. It was a really good experience for me because it was the first time I got to visit since I toured the campus.” Tokarz added that “the experience felt very real and exciting. I got to meet a lot of future Hokies, which was really cool.”

Senior Michaela Zeller also visited the college she will be attending in the fall which is Ithaca college. Zeller said “It was honestly the best day of my life. We got to walk around the campus and ask students about the school and they were so awesome and helpful.” Zeller also said “ I got to talk to her future professors and talk about the classes I would be taking. I also got to sign up for clubs which I thought was neat. The best part was that I got to see what I would be doing for the physical therapy program and I got to see all the cool equipment I’ll be using.”

Zeller got to look at her future dorm rooms and she thought it was really nice. That experience seemed to make Zeller extremely ecstatic with her decision to attend Ithaca College.

Admitted students day seemed to be an awesome time for most of the Walkersville seniors attending college in the fall. It’s a great way for high school seniors to really get to know the people there and what their college life would be like.