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Baker Park In the Heart of the City of Frederick Stands Out for Many Reasons

by Kalil Ricketts

The history of Frederick’s Baker Park, is the clock tower that was built in 1941 in memory of Joseph Baker’s death in 1938. Baker Park is 58 acres large. People love this park for its beauty, the clock tower, and location. It’s in the middle of the city and makes it easier to get to. (

While in the park, I asked some park-goers what they thought. Paul Kemp says “ I like it here; it’s special because it’s in the middle of the city and its fauna and the flowers.” John said “It’s pretty; it’s easy to access. I like the tower because of the chimes it play.” Mark says “I don’t know what makes Baker Park special to me but it’s different. I’ve been in many places but they never had a clock tower.” Debbie says “the park is beautiful, full of families and activities. The clock tower is beautiful as well.” Marge says “there are no hills here — that’s what makes it special. I love the clock tower because it stands out.”