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Being a Student Service Learner Is a Rewarding Experience

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by Jordan Gaynor

Student service learning or SSL is a program that offers community service and learning experiences at school. As an SSL you have lots of responsibilities, helping out the teacher and the students. I have been an SSL for Daniel Frank the American sign language teacher and Christine Stovall one of the art teachers, I am currently still a SSL for Stovall. Being a SSL has been a good learning experience. It has shown me how hard a teacher’s (and substitutes) job really is, and even on their bad days they still need to be respected.

Stovall has had a hard year. With her husband and herself being sick she has been absent a lot. I am an SSL for her fourth period class which is a ceramics one class. We have had a sub for a good amount of the class and it has been hard on not only the kids but also on me. Stovall depends on me to help teach and keep the class going. With all that responsibility on my plate it becomes hard to stay positive.

I talked to some of the kids in the class about how it was with me as a teacher while Stovall was gone.  Sophomore Nik Augusti said “She was very helpful while Stovall was away”. Sophomore Rachel Green said “It went a lot smoother because she knew how the kids would react to things in the classroom” Freshman William Pratt said “ She made sure to call people out when they weren’t doing the right thing; she kept the class in order.”

I had a lot of fun teaching the class; all the kids are reallywell behaved and really nice. I’m always excited to get to meet new people and working with the kids I get to meet a variety of different kids in different grades. Being a SSL has been an amazing experience that I will always remember.