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Disney Remakes Charm Some Students, But Others Wish for More Originality

by Rachel Canzoneri

For years, Disney has been a favorite among people of all ages, and the classic characters of Disney have stolen the hearts of people everywhere; but are Disney’s remakes of their well known movies stealing the hearts of people as well?

According to disdb.com, a Disney Database, some of the top Disney movies are The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, along with hundreds of others. In the past years, however, Disney has been releasing and is currently planning remakes of these famed classics. Movies like Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland have been remade in the past years. Also, today a 3D version of The Jungle Book is being released along with a remake of Beauty and the Beast in 2017.

“I like the remakes, but I wish they’d come up with something new.” said junior Kara Roberts, adding “I feel like I’ve seen all these endings before.”

Junior Celia Miller said “I prefer the classics; it’s what I grew up on. It sucks that it seems like all we’re getting lately is remakes or sequels.”

Junior Alexis Vasquez disagreed, saying “I like the idea of them bringing back the classics to a new generation of kids.”

“The remakes normally lose something in translation. Like the new Pan movie, it seemed like they literally just threw a bunch of random stuff together to make it more modern. So that magic you fell in love with as a kid isn’t really there anymore” said senior Katy Frazier.

Senior Amber Orencia agreed, saying that she “grew up on the classics,” though she added that “the new Jungle Book movie does look pretty cool though.”

Senior Emily Madsen disagreed, saying “my personal favorite is Cinderella, and I actually preferred the remake. I thought the new one was more interesting; it was more fresh.”

Of course, there are those who don’t like either. Senior Seth Smucker said “I wouldn’t really go out of my way to watch them, I just don’t see why everyone is so in love with them. I don’t dislike Disney, but I really have no preference.”

Though some students feel the remakes bring the classics back to younger kids, it’s clear most people love the Disney classics and the magic they brought to people.