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Downtown Frederick Has a Wide Variety of Activities and Fun Things To Do In the Spring

by Bridey O’Connor     

Spring has sprung everyone, and with the (somewhat) nice weather you may find yourself bored on the weekends or unsure of what to do with your time. Thankfully, Downtown Frederick has a lot of events coming up to help adjust from the cold winter to the warmth of spring and summer.

According to Visit Frederick, there’s a lot of things going on in the county just this week alone and even more planned for the upcoming months. On Saturday there is a musical group performing at the Weinberg Center. Also on Saturday, the Brown Community Center is hosting a celebration of Louis XIV. For the adults, there’s a wine tour that A Touch of Class Limousines is hosting so you don’t drink and drive. On Friday and Saturday the Unitarian Universalists Congregation of Frederick is hosting Songs and Scenes of Shakespeare, which brings ‘Shakespeare’s words to life with music’ according to the description on the site.

Of course, you can just go downtown to enjoy the stores and restaurants in Frederick, seeing as there are a lot of those. You can shop for old school vinyl records and cassette tapes at the various record stores, get some homemade things at the Muse, check out the amazing crystals and stones at Earthly Elements. You can stop at Cakes to Die For for some baked goods, or stop by Pretzel & Pizza Creations for some pizzas, pretzels and even milkshakes. There’s a lot of things to do in Downtown Frederick. You can even hit up I Made This to make some cool and interesting pottery pieces to decorate your home with.

“When I go downtown I like to go to Viola Teas and the Pop Shop.” said junior Makayla Purdum.

Junior Rylee Duncan said, “I like to go to the record stores.”

“I like to go to Frederick Fudge as well as Baker Park.” junior Ana Garay said.

Emma Crouch, a junior, said, “I enjoy going to Curious Iguana and the fudge shop.”

So, there’s a lot of things to do downtown as well as a lot of events that are coming up! But if you’re unsure of how to get downtown to go to all of these  events going on or just to go shopping, take a bus down! The bus fare is $1.50 for a ride to Frederick and you can find the bus schedules and bus routes on frederickcountymd.gov and search ‘connectors’ and click the first link to get the list of the buses that run.