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Proud Daughter Shares Story of Her Policeman Father and the Good He Does

by Morgan Figgins

The role of law enforcement is to protect their community, but in Frederick City our police officers go above and beyond for their jobs. One officer in particular, who happens to be my father, did so this past summer when he helped a fourteen year old boy overcome obstacles to make it to summer camp.

Officer Mike Figgins received PAL, or the Police Activities League, Officer of the Year award. According to their website the Police Activities League’s vision is, “To advance and promote programs and activities for youth, particularly those intended to reduce youth involvement in delinquent activities without regard to religion, race, ability, or income.” Officer Figgins had the PAL vision in mind when he helped Brunel make it to camp.

“Brunel is a great kid. He’s always very respectful and listens well, so when his parents were going out of town the same week of summer camp I wanted to do anything I could to help,” said Officer Figgins. Staying home alone was not an option for Brunel because Officer Figgins described his neighborhood as, “at risk.”

“I ended up getting in touch with his parents and made arrangements for Brunel to stay with me for the week,” Officer Figgins continued.  This made it possible for Brunel to attend the camp and make numerous friends from other cultures, as well as learn how to play chess. Officer Figgins said, “The best part for me was I helped Brunel to lose his fear for dogs. He told me that in the part of Africa that he was from dogs ate people, but by the end of his stay with me he had a new best friend in my dog Cooper.”

“Officer Figgins is my favorite PAL officer because of how he helped me. Also he teaches me a lot, like right now he’s showing a group of us how to lift weights after school,” said Brunel.  

This inspired Officer Figgins to organize seven different camp opportunities for at risk youth in hopes that it will have the same positive effect it did on Brunel.