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Senior Chase Foley a Great Smash Player and President of the Club

by Rachel Canzoneri

High school is a time of recognizing goals and planning successful futures, and Walkersville senior Chase Foley is no different.

RC: What did you enjoy about your high school career?

CF: There’s a lot that I’ve enjoyed about my past four years at Walkersville. I felt that all of my classes taught me something valuable and were relevant to my future. I also appreciated how much opportunity I had outside of my classes. I loved to be able to go play soccer after school or work on a robot with the engineering club or even play games with my friends at Smash club.

RC: What clubs and extracurricular activities were you a part of?

CF: I am currently part of National Honor Society and Science National Honor Society. I am the vice president of engineering club and president of Smash club. Outside of school I participate in the A.C.E. mentoring program and boy scouts.

RC: Are there any specific teachers and mentors you look up to?

CF: I really look up to Mrs. Greger in my engineering courses. She’s given me valuable skills that will help me later in life. She also helped me through the Engineering and Design and Development Course last year when my group was struggling to build a prototype for our final grade.

RC: What are your plans after high school?

CF: I’m planning on attending Drexel University in Philadelphia next fall. I will be studying either electrical or mechanical engineering once I decide after my first year of classes.

Senior Jeremy Pirker said “Chase is really confident and I admire that. He also has really rad music tastes.” “He’s a really cool person, and he’s really good at teaching others” said junior Kara Roberts, adding that “he’s definitely a good role model.”

Senior Emmett McCarthy said “Chase is always on point with his work; he always does super well. He’s really funny, and I value him as a friend cause he’s just awesome and fun to hang out with.” McCarthy added that “he’s a genius too-Chase’s middle name isn’t Edison for no reason! He’s a top Dark Souls PVP player, was top 2% in Hearthstone in the world, and he’s a great Smash player. Anything he puts his time to, he becomes really good at.”