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WHS Seniors Thinking Ahead About College Dorm Room Preparation

by Haley Conley

Many seniors have found their college, been accepted, and committed. Now it’s time to start thinking even more forward and talk about college preparations!

With summer quickly approaching many of the seniors have realized they are just months away from being freshmen in college. With that for many it means that they will be living in a dorm room with someone they probably don’t know, in a new place they aren’t very familiar with. Making a new start can prove to be an expensive task so some students are thinking about doing a few DIY (do it yourself) projects to enhance their dorm life.

I went around asking seniors these two questions: have you started accumulating dorm room supplies yet and are you going to buy everything or do diy projects.

Senior Connor Petrelle said “I plan to buy everything.”  Petrelle continued with “ I have not started accumulating stuff.”

Senior Dylan Ball said “I’ll probably just buy; I might get hand-me-downs.”

Senior Alison McGuire said “I’m buying my stuff.” Then she answered my question about accumulating stuff she said “Yeah, I spread out some of my expenses over time.”

The best tip I have for anyone who is planning to stay in a dorm is get a little at a time so you don’t end up spending a lot of money at once and you can insure that you have everything you need. If you are sharing a dorm you won’t need to go crazy and get a lot because only half of the room will be yours.

The countdown is being, with graduation looming and summer approaching it’s time to start thinking forward. Take some of the stress out of school with a little preparation for your future space that you live in.