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Art Show and Musical Concert Demonstrates Tremendous Artistic Talent at WHS

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by Rachel Canzoneri

Tonight Walkersville High School held an art show along with a concert performed by both the orchestra and marching band, and the turnout was impressive.

The art show not only featured the work of many students, but also included a ceremony in honor of the ten newest National Art Honor Society inductees. These students were Mikaylah Collins, Bria Fisher, Angie Florimbio, Carly Hickman, Jade Joseph, Emily Madsen, Jamara Mangoe, Victoria McFadden, Allison Morris, and Haylie Petrosky.

Junior and NAHS member Angie Florimbio said “I like the art show cause I like looking at everyone’s art and seeing everyone’s skills.” Fellow junior and NAHS member Jade Joseph added “I like seeing all the paintings.” Florimbio, who won second place for her work in ceramics, said “I’m very honored to have gotten second; everyone else’s work was really good and I’m excited to have placed among them.”

Art teacher and department chair Christine Stovall said “I’m very excited about the art show, I love this every single year. I love that students, parents and teachers, get to see the diverse talents. It also gives us a chance to promote all kinds of art, because our show features everything, ranging from photography to ceramics to paintings and music. We have it all!”

Freshman Tori Piechowski said “I like getting to see all the different styles of art and seeing how different people portray their feelings in their work.” Piechowski added “everyone’s work is definitely really good too!”

Junior Chanda Kaunda said “I think the art show’s actually really important cause there’s a lot of kids making a lot of great art, and no one really gets to see it. Like unless you’re actually taking an art class, you’re not gonna really get a chance to see it. And a lot of the people making this are so talented, they deserve to get noticed for their work.”

The concert also received a great deal of admiration from the audience, with the orchestra and marching band playing a diverse amount of songs ranging from classic compositions to songs from video games, to new compositions made by some of Walkersville’s own students!

Walkersville clearly has a lot of amazing talent to offer, and the show last night did an awesome job exploiting it.