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Cookies – Everyone’s Favorite Dessert

by Nathaniel Mulitauaopele

There are cookies, of seemingly all kinds and shapes — what’s your favorite?

When I think of cookies, the first type that comes to mind is “chocolate chip” the staple of not just cookies, but all deserts.

Cookies come in all shapes and sizes, and most importantly flavors. With so much variety, one could say there’s a favorite flavor for everyone.

“Pizza cookies are my favorite cookie.” said sophomore Mitchell Brown “Cause why not I mean it’s a pizza that’s a cookie why wouldn’t anyone like it?”

Sophomore Chase Tyeryar also liked the pizza cookie saying “I like the warm gooey feeling of the chocolate.”  sophomore Daniel Bernett said he liked the “Moistness of the cookie, and how it melts in your mouth.” Sophomore Nathaniel Ford also added “Pizza cookies are the bomb.”

The Pizza cookies they’re referring to are the ones purchased at Pizza Hut. They come in a small pizza box in the shape of a pizza. They are basically a chocolate chip cookie put into the shape of a pizza. They taste delicious.

“I like sugar cookies. They’re sugary.” said  sophomore Aeshep Smith.

Sugar cookies are another signature cookie. Coming in styles like frosted to flavored, these cookies are sweet and simple.

“I like chocolate chip.” said sophomore Isaac Cheston.

Chocolate chip perhaps the most iconic cookie is the favorite of many. These cookies are devilishly good out of the oven, and still amazing cooled off. The tastes of chocolate chip vary depending on the dough, flour, and chocolate used adding variety to the cookie.

This simple cookie is the go to cookie for most looking for a not too chocolatey, and not too sweet dessert. It can also compliment other desserts and make a new taste better than the old one.

Cookies, with their large variety and diversity are a dessert that’s here to stay.