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Junior Maddie Thompson Works Through Life with a Positive Attitude and a Smile

by Savannah Crosson

Walkersville High Schools halls are filled with extraordinary students. One of them is junior Maddie Thompson.

I interviewed Thompson about her high school experiences and who she is as a person.


“How do you stay such a positive person?”

“I find the best way to stay positive is to only notice the good in life. There is a lot of bad things but there is little beautiful things inside of those negatives. I also take a lot of naps and they make me happy.”


“What have your high school years been like?”

“Well my high school years have taught me that no matter what you’ve always got your own back. Also that high school is not the real world. Everyone is so judgemental and fake so the less you care, the happier you will be.”


“Are you excited for your senior year?”

“I am very excited because senior year will be me learning more about what I love to do in life and that’s exciting to see my career and future grow.”


“Have you started looking for colleges and if so, which ones are you considering?”

“I have not because I am graduating with a degree in cosmetology. The most I’ll do is either business school or early child development classes.”


“What is your favorite memory from high school?”

“I honestly don’t think I have made or had my favorite memory yet.”

“Who is your favorite teacher and why?”

“Mr. Van Bloem because he is such a caring, smart, and very funny person. He is good at teaching step by step and I love how he yells at the bad kids and stands up for the good kids.”

Sophomore, Mathena Frederick and Juniors, Claire Owen and Jennifer Gutierrez are Thompsons “closest friends”

Sophomore, Rebecca Raub said Thompson is “really fun to be around and one of the nicest people I have met.”  

Reva Pettaway, a senior said “She has a really bubbly personality and she seems like a really nice person.”  

If you want to make a new friend make sure you talk to Maddie Thompson. She is one of the most positive people you will meet.