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May the Fourth Be With You — It’s Star Wars Day!

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by Rachel Canzoneri

May the fourth be with you-it’s Star Wars Day and students and teachers both are celebrating arguably one of most loved and influential trilogies ever made!

Junior Jacob Keith said “Episode five is personally my favorite, the reason being it got into its comfort zone without going off the deep end, and the writer was fully able to express what he wanted from his product.” Keith added “I like the fact it’s not really sci-fi, it’s fantasy in a sci-fi setting. It focuses more on concepts like fate through the force instead of the logic behind it, and I really like that.”

“Pew pew pew pew” said junior Skylar Goetz. Goetz added “it has a really a good plot and storyline, but the prequels honestly suck. I also really love ewoks.” Fellow junior Brianna Drury said “I haven’t really watched it in a while, but I really liked Star Wars as a kid.”

English teacher Marc MacDonald said “I like the old Star Wars movies because that’s what I grew up watching.”

Junior Angie Florimbio said “I like Star Wars because the plot is so intense, and the characters are just so good. Everything is just done really well.”

Junior Cameron Sloan said “Return of the Jedi is my favorite, cause that’s when everything gets resolved and the fight scenes are cool.” Sloan added “I love the lasers and stuff too.” Senior Emily Madsen added “the fantasy is so out there, it makes me wanna be a Jedi.”

Junior Alexis Vasquez said “I like Star Wars because it’s very creative, and it’s the first of its kind. It takes a lot of imagination to come up with all the different races and galaxies and the whole storyline really.”

Math teacher Mark Widmeyer said “I think it’s the classic hero’s journey, and I also like the ultimate redemption of Darth Vader from bad guy to good guy.” Widmeyer added “some people take the last movie as a bit of a joke cause of the ewoks and stuff, but I personally really like them.”

Junior Celia Miller said “it wasn’t even an option to not like Star Wars in my house. If you didn’t, you were pretty much disowned.”

It’s obvious that people truly love Star Wars, and Star Wars day reminded everyone of their extreme love for the trilogy.