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New Cartoons Are Not Measuring Up to the Old Cartoons

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by Kalil Ricketts

The students at Walkersville High School loved cartoons when they were little. Some childhood cartoons are still around for the enjoyment of older and younger kids, the classic versions. Now there are new cartoons out there being watched by the new generation as much as remakes of classic cartoons. But which is better? The classic cartoons or the new/remake cartoons?

Some students like the old cartoons over the new cartoons and remakes because it reminds them of their childhoods, waking up early in the morning to catch the new cartoons on 4Kids Tv, Original Disney Channel, Boomerang and other old channels.  Examples: Rugrats,Yin Yang Yo, Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends, Powerpuff Girls and Teen Titans, Wizards Of Waverly Place and Courage The Cowardly Dog.

Junior Jared Dorrier says “ I prefer old cartoons because they’re original and have great art work.”

Senior Josh Campbell says “ I prefer the old cartoons, because now they’re all remakes and suffer from modern movie syndrome.”  

Freshmen James Brittain says “I like the old cartoons because they’re original and have more creativity than the new shows.”

Freshman Kobe Duncan says “Old cartoons because they’re original and the new shows have no intelligence.”

Freshman Taylor Monk says “Old cartoons because they’re funny and more interesting than the new ones.”   

Freshman Noah Patrick says “The older cartoons are fun to watch because of the variations.”

Some students like the new cartoons over the old because they’re new. They like to see the remakes to see if they have gotten better or not. Cartoon Network,Nickelodeon, and other channels that make new cartoons or reform old ones. Examples: Adventure Time,Uncle Grandpa,Teen Titans Go!, Powerpuff Girls,  

I like the old cartoons over the new ones because the old have more original creativity and art work is better than the new cartoons.