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Not Just Superheroes Can Be Heroes – Ordinary Everyday Heroes Are All Around Us

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by Alexis Black

Companies like Marvel and DC comics come out with a movie almost every year depicting men and women alike with superpowers fighting for humanity and the good of all. While superhero movies are fun, and do in fact exhibit a lot of the qualities a hero does have, we get distracted by the fancy costumes and outrageous super powers. They create an unrealistic image in our minds of what a hero must be. The truth is, a hero is more than just a fancy cape or super strength. For the average, everyday person a super hero is selfless, brave, and a role model to those around him/or her.

A hero’s ability to help someone to their own expense is especially admirable and appreciated.They make a decision to willingly sacrifice, or surrender themselves for the benefit of another without expecting or requiring reciprocation.  In the news you see stories about people jumping into burning cars to save the person inside, and some days you see someone  giving a hungry friend  their last bag of chips . No matter how serious, or simple the situation was, in both cases, the person sacrificing can be seen as a hero.

You notice that heroes can remain calm in dangerous and threatening situations. They are able to place themselves in these situations to protect their beliefs and the rights of others. They are brave enough to go against the grain, even if it means to do it alone. Heroes such as Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King continuously did this. The values, the morals, and the effort they demonstrated has left a good, and lasting impact on today’s society.

A hero is a role model because anyone who tries to be a good person, and helps others, deserves to be looked up to. Heroes don’t look for worship, and admiration, and they are certainly not perfect, but the fact that you can see them at least try is enough for anyone to want to be like that. Like Superman, Batman, and all the other superheroes little kids look up to you find that they admire firefighters, and policemen as well because of how similar their job, and innate duty to help people is.

Junior Jacob Keith defines a hero as someone who is “strong, and fast.” He says a hero, “doesn’t lack fear but faces fear regardless.”

Junior Cody Strange says a hero is someone who, “is brave caring, and helps others.” He thinks heroes are, “people who help others and take on hard obstacles.”

Sophomore Megan Goins describes being a hero as someone who is, “kind, and selfless.” She believes a hero is someone who is “willing to help anybody without wanting in return.”

I also asked students at Walkersville about anything they’ve done that has made them feel heroic. Freshman Alyssa Neal said, “When I helped my little sister with her homework.”

Freshman Ashley Adjei said, “When I helped my brother get rid of a bully.”

Senior Jomara Monge said, “When my grandmother passed out and I called 911. When we got to the hospital they told me she was going to be ok because of me. It was really scary but I felt like a hero.”

In the end, I think it is important for most people to realize that anyone can be a hero. There are some people have the innate ability to just be heroic such as most firefighters, and policemen, but with a conscious effort each day to do selfless things for others and improve your own person  you’ll notice how happy you can make, not only other people, but yourself as well.  So don’t go and get  yourself sprayed with radioactive plasma, and wear tights everywhere. Just know that being a hero is simply a matter of deciding to stand up and making a difference in the best possible way you know how.