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Seniors Share Their Most Memorable Moments From Four Years of WHS

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by Mackenzie White

The final days are closing in on the class of 2016. Four years of their lives will soon be left behind as they turn to a new chapter in their book. But the memories that they made here will last them forever.

Q: What is your most memorable high school moment?


Each senior had something that came to mind right away.


“My favorite memory was the first time we used the color dust at a football game this year. Jack, Zack and I were in the front. We were able to see everyone and I’ll never forget the look on their faces.” -TJ Metcalfe


“Either going to regionals for basketball or getting to cheer at M&T Bank Stadium for states.” -Ariona Johnson


“Noah’s field goal.” -Jack Gant


“When I was crowned Prom Queen.” -Mikaylah Collins


“Going to states and cheering on the boys.” -Becca Koontz


“Tripping in the middle of the cafeteria at lunch… Just like you see in all the movies.”

-Kaitlyn Tokarz


“When the football team went to states.” -Dani Tyler


“The most memorable high school moments would be all of the football games, chilling with my friends and then going to the state championship and watching the game — it was amazing.” -Keanu Rosa


“Senior night for softball.” -Amanda Campbell


“My most memorable moment in high school was winning the Inaugural Star-Up Frederick Business Competition and receiving a $2,000 scholarship for it.” -Jarvis Cain


“States championship football game.” -Jeff Early


“Finishing off Spanish. It was one of the most joyful things in my life. Not because of the teacher, but because I was done.” -Elizabeth Cavin


“Soccer senior night.” -Lino Aguilar Barron

“Beating Middletown in football this year.” -Sabrina Poore


“Going to states for Cross Country.” -Regan Bernardoni


“Two of my greatest memories are definitely going to the state semi-finals for basketball my sophomore year. And then of course, just like everybody else, cheering on our boys throughout this whole football season.” -Ana Taylor
Whether it be sports related or not, each senior will take memories with them from Walkersville High School that will stay with them throughout their entire lives. Long live the class of 2016.