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Tennis Team Accomplishes Goals and More Throughout the Season

sports - tennis - rk

by Robert Kirkwood

Are you the next Roger Federer? He took this game to the next level, as Walkersville High  always takes tennis to the next level.

Allie Taylor, senior says “We are having an incredible season with a 12-2 record so far, hoping to win the county tournament as a team. We have already won the Gambril division and our success is due to support from teammates on both the boys and girls sides. As a senior, I can say this has been the most memorable athletic season I have had, there have been many laughs, celebrations, and fun bus rides. Can’t wait for the remainder of the season!” She loves the game and her team to the max. She has the biggest support from her team and family to get pushing.

Rob Rylie, senior states “It was better than expected. Having known ahead of time about the loss of our two seniors and Alex, many of us were scared that we would not win many matches. However, we all improved a great deal over the summer and gained some new fresh meat that truly impressed us and coach CK. Very fun, lots of laughs, and dubs.”  Feeling the chance at states< Rylie keeps winning matches and moving on the next. He later said “I’m ready for some competition” We shall see what he makes of himself finishing off the season.

Connor Owen, junior goes on to say “Tennis was a lot of fun this year and I really liked the snack. If you want good food and good friends you should play tennis.”