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Tiara Day a Fun Store Downtown with Vintage Women’s Clothing and More

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by Savannah Crosson

In Downtown Frederick there are many small shops and boutiques to shop at! Sometimes it may become overwhelming. The next time you visit, try going into Tiara Day! Its a small and cute womens vintage clothing shop with adorable clothes and accessories.

I talked to the owner of the shop, Maria Peck about her shop and what it is like working in Downtown Frederick.

“When did you start working here (Tiara Day)?”

“I opened my store in 2006 in Kensington, I have a store there. I was there for three years. Then I lost my lease so in 2009 I opened my store here in Downtown Frederick.

“What do you like about working in Downtown Frederick?”

“Frederick is a great location for my store because one, there is a lot of foot traffic and there is a lot of other shops and restaurants which draw people to the downtown. In my previous shop location I was kind of by myself and I had to do a lot of advertising to try and get people to come to my store, whereas here, I don’t have to do all of the advertising because there is so much for people to come to. So people that come may not like my shop but there is other people that come that have discovered my shop when they came to go to a restaurant.

“I also just love all of the people. I have gotten to know so many customers and that’s what is is all about; it’s all about relationships. It’s exciting because I get to celebrate with my customers when they get married or have a baby and then mourn with them when they lose somebody. It encompasses so much more than just the products. I mean I love seeing and selling pretty things to people but really it’s about the relationships.”

“How did you come up with the idea for this store?”

“Well, it has always been my dream but when I graduated from high school I had always wanted to go to fashion school but my parents at that time, especially my father had been very practical. He always told me to have hobbies but to go to school, get a real degree, and get a job and then you can have a hobby on the side. So I did, I went to college and grad school, and I was in a government job. It was okay but it was not my passion. I would be sitting at work thinking that I really want a store.

“I also love Paris and French things and antiques and I wanted to combine them all together. So I was sitting in grad school, actually, in one of my classes thinking, I don’t want to do this, this is not for me. So I started my own store. I figured that there was no wrong time. But I did not quit my job. I worked full time at first and part time at the store and then flip flopped that so I was working part time at my job and full time at the store because I did not have the money yet and I did not want to go into debt. It was three years ago when I was able to quit my job and do this full time.”

“Has the store been successful so far?”

“Yes! Last year was our best and most successful year. More and more people keep discovering us. I just could not be happier with the way things are going and I get to sign another lease for five years and then another five year option so I should be here for at least another ten years.”

One passerbyer said “I actually have never been into the store but it looks very nice from the outside. I might just have to go in and look!”

The next time you go Downtown, make sure you swing into Tiara Day.