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Traffic Getting Worse and Student Drivers Are Getting Concerned

by Haley Conley

If you live in Walkersville you definitely can feel the frustration on the roads. With growing amounts of traffic and frequent construction in the area, Walkersvillians are starting to really feel the anger.

Many of the WHS population are driving; some have their licences and others have a permit. With no doubt, even students are feeling the exasperation when on the roads. With the increase in traffic brings more hazardous road conditions, and if you plan to enter Walkersville between 3pm to 7pm, you have to give yourself at least 15 extra minutes from the bridge to your destination.

Many people from the Walkersville area are hoping for another way in instead of going up and around taking Biggs Ford Road. There is even talk about an overpass being built. That might help with the traffic flow in our area.

I asked a few people if they thought traffic would get worse when Walmart opens. Sophomore Ethan Parish said “yeah, because there’s Wegmans and Walmart so there’s gonna be a lot of people going into both.” Senior Kaitlyn Tokarz said “Definitely”. Junior Josh Boards said “I think it will get worse.”

I also asked these people if it worries them to drive in the traffic. Parish said “yeah cause I’m gonna get really mad at all the horrible drivers.” Tokarz said “no” and Boards said “not too much.”

Everyone’s opinion on Walkersville traffic is completely of their own preference. Some completely think that it’s outrageous and others don’t mind it. One thing is for sure, when the Super Walmart opens things will get worse. We all have hopes for more ways to get in and out of Walkersville. And as the football announcers often say “may all your skies be Walkersville blue.”