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Walkersville Athletes Already Working Hard in the Classroom and Weight Room for Next Fall

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by Robert Kirkwood

Speed, power, strength and hard work will you give you everything you need on a team that works as a family. One player and being athletic doesn’t make a team — what makes a team is when you look to your left and right and know you would do anything for the brother next to you, whether it’s one more rep needed in the weight room, or one more play on the field.

Joe Polce, WHS head football coach says that “our success from last year had carried over and everyone is working really hard. The weight room is going really good and we’re trying to prepare for the coming up season.” Polce has a lot of passion on the field. He loves the game and all his boys, but never forget that when he wants something done right, he’s going to get it done right.  

Many players are doing their best in the off season to make a statement in this next post season. Ethan Parrish, sophomore who has gained another couple inches in height and put on another 30 pounds of muscle states “we are working hard everyday on the field and in the weight room. Even though we are losing a lot of seniors, we have a lot of coming up seniors that are stepping up to prepare for this coming season.” There is nothing but support through this team.

Tyler Gleason, sophomore goes on to say “our varsity Walkersville Lions football team is putting in the time in the classroom and the weight room. Everyone is getting ready already for this upcoming 2016 football season. 7on7 tournaments are coming up at the end of the month and ready to compete in all of them. #BackToTheBank”

With a golden leg, Noah Sadler the kicker for WHS has put the team on his back in moments that are crucial, like kicking the game winning field goal at North Caroline with final seconds giving the Lions the win 17-14. Noah states “I feel great coming into this upcoming season, I feel my teammates are gonna eat and that we have worked on a lot of mistakes made from last season.”

Billy Gant, sophomore is the starting varsity quarterback and has made a major impact on the field. Gant leads the team with his head up regardless of the points on the board. Bill states “I feel we have been working harder than ever to put ourselves in the best situation for next year. We all have more motivation than ever and push each other to be better every single day.”

This team by far is the biggest family I have ever been a part of. Football is not my main sport, but I can say for sure that I have never and will never be a part of a team like this again that is so willing to fight for the person next to them.These  boys will fight till there is nothing left to fight for. I will never forget this team.