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Wednesday’s Junior/Senior Spirit Day Makes WHS Look Like a Nursery and Nursing Home

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by Casey Cassels

Today is the third day of prom spirit week; the theme for today is junior and senior day. This is a day made special for the juniors and seniors where the junior class will dress up as little kids and the senior class will dress up like the elderly.

This day is really fun for most of the upperclassman and a great way for them to  represent their class. Walking into Walkersville High this morning felt more like walking into a nursing home/nursery. It was an interesting sight to see.  

Most kids seemed to love this spirit day and were glad that it was an option. Junior Myiah Seymour said “ I love this spirit day. I get to dress up like I did as a kid and it’s really funny.” Senior Kaitlyn Tokarz also seemed really stoked about this day in particular. Tokarz told me that “ I did a good shopping at goodwill to get prepared. I love dressing up like an old person.” Senior Rebecca Koontz was another student who got prepared for senior day by going to goodwill. Koontz said “ The best part of dressing up is seeing everyone’s reactions when you walk into school in the morning.”  

Although there were a lot of students dressed in their old people clothes or baby outfits, there were several kids who chose not to participate, Senior Adam Hostetter was one of the several kids who didn’t dress up today. When discussing why he didn’t dress up Hostetter said “ I totally forgot about it this morning but I would’ve if I remembered.”

There were also kids who just didn’t dress up because they didn’t feel like it, like seniors Mikaylah Collins and Ian Peterson who both said “ I didn’t feel like wasting my money on  clothes I would only wear once.” Junior Michael Sniezek was also one who did not take part in dressing up. Sniezek told me that “ he didn’t have any baby clothes.”

If you forgot to dress up this day or you just didn’t feel like participating this particular day then dont worry, you still have two more days to participate to show your school spirit. Tomorrow is Disney Day where you can dress up as your favorite disney character and Friday is Dress Down Day, which is normally participated by many of the students who will be preparing for prom that day!