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WHS Art Club Finishes Year-Long Project of Painting Cafeteria Wall

by Rachel Canzoneri

This past week Walkersville’s Art Club finished their year-long project of painting the cafeteria wall, and the students and staff are excited about it!

The wall was painted in a graffiti style, with a red brick background and the words “FCPS” along with our school mascot as the focal point of the painting.

“We were approached by the cafeteria staff, and asked to paint the walls in the kitchen” said junior and co-president of Art Club, Kara Roberts. “Unfortunately, we’re probably not gonna be able to paint the other walls this year, but we’re super proud of the wall we did manage!”

Junior and Art Club member Chanda Kaunda said “it was a stroke and a half but I’m happy with how it turned out.” Fellow junior Madison Cooper agreed, saying “I thought it was really nice. It took some time but it pulled together really nicely.”

Junior Kyle Matheson said “the students took time out of their day to make it and I appreciate that, and I think it looks really nice.” English teacher Marc MacDonald agreed, saying “the mural looks awesome! It’s always good to have students art work on display, and it’s nice to have something vibrant for once instead of plain, cream colored walls.”

Senior Katy Frazier “I think Art Club did an amazing job! Their hard work definitely shows in the painting.” Junior Jared Dorrier added “it looks pretty cool.”

Manager Robert Kelly of the Food and Nutrition Services of FCPS said “ I definitely like the wall.  It adds character to the serving area.” Kelly added that “we definitely support student involvement within the cafeteria.  This is a great example of a partnership with the students and staff at WHS!” Kelly also said “at this time we do not have any additional projects planned, but we are always on the lookout for ideas!”

It’s clear that students and staff both are happy with how the mural turned out, and are excited about the creativity students got to share while making it!