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WHS Yearbook Greeted with Positive Reviews and Many Signatures

by Brian Thebau

As the end of the school years draws closer and the seniors prepare to graduate, the yearbook is given to students after many months of hard work by the students.

This year’s theme is Lift and centers around the triumphs of the students throughout the school year, from individual students to the clubs throughout the schools. The yearbook is designed in a way that really catches the reader’s eye, with bright colors and modern designs.

Yearbook Advisor Amy Graunke was available for comment about the yearbook.

Do you think the yearbook came out well?

“I do, in fact, I think it came out pretty awesome, especially for only 7 kids on staff… it is the smallest group we’ve ever had.

Was it difficult to make the yearbook this year?

“Yes, insanely hard, having such a small staff… put us behind schedule . Between last year’s supplement and small staff, it put us behind schedule.”

Do you think that the students like the yearbook?

“I certainly hope so!”

Junior Rebekah King had this to say about working on the yearbook. “I like how we all worked together and put time and work into it. It took a while, but in the end it all pays off.” Many of the students were impressed with the design of the yearbook and colors of the yearbook, like Senior Elizabeth Cavin “I liked the inner design.”

Sophomore Zander Horstman also gave his opinion about the yearbook “ It’s neatly presented, but kind of in a confusing order.” For those who did not get a yearbook, it is cut up into certain aspects of the Walkersville High School student body.

The first is student life, then on to community and academics. After those, it goes into clubs and sports and then into the personalities of some students and the family and friends of some of the students.

The students pictures are in the back of the yearbook, with the seniors dressed up in white dress shirts with a black bowtie for the men and black dresses for the girls, while the freshman, sophomores and juniors wore their regular clothing.