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Why Walk When You Can Glide On Your Heelys?

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by Becky Brown

You may have worn them as a child, or you may have just seen them in the musical here at Walkersville, but one thing is for sure, they were one of the most popular trends in the early 2000’s. Heelys!

What exactly are Heelys? They’re a sneaker brand that has an actual wheel in the heel of the shoe, making it possible to glide around as if you’re on roller skates. How do you buy them? They used to be sold in almost all stores but since they have somewhat gone out of style they can now be found online on the heely website. You pick out your shoe style, and it automatically comes with two matching wheels and wheel covers. The styles range from everything including bright colors and designs, to completely silver, and even adult sizes. The website used the hashtag #WhyWalk, promoting the use of Heelys instead of walking in regular shoes.

As someone who had Heelys as a child and had to use them in the musical, I had some experience. The shoes come with a cover that pops on and off if you don’t want to use the wheels. The wheels easily slide into the sole of the shoe and you’re ready to go. Just push off with one foot, lift up your toes, and you’ll be Heelying in no time.

For some, Heelying was extremely easy, but for others it was a big challenge. In the musical, Disney’s The Little Mermaid students playing sea creatures wore Heelys to replicate swimming. They could roll across the stage in seconds in one fluid motion.

Freshman Luci Karszen was the student costume designer and she said, “They made the costumes look so much more realistic because it looked like they were actually gliding across the stage,”

Junior Caylee Winpigler who saw the show said, “They made it look so smooth. It was adorable,”

Senior Karolynne McHood agreed and said, “It was a cool touch. I didn’t have them as a kid but I wanted them. My parents thought they looked dangerous,”

“They looked magical,” said senior Brianna Wilson, “I wanted them when I was a kid because I wanted to float. They were amazing in the show and they added to the visual of being underwater and not walking on land like humans,”

So, even if you just enjoy the idea of Heelys or actually want to try them for yourself, they’re a fun option to get moving without having to do the work.