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WHS Students Excited About All the Plans for Summer

by Rachel Canzoneri

The school year is almost over, and students are getting excited for summer right around the corner, but what plans are students looking forward to?

“Smashcon! Smashcon!” said junior Kara Roberts. Roberts added “that’s all I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m really excited to meet so many people with similar interests and hobbies as me.”

“I’m hyped to excel my physique and start actually doing physical activities,” said Junior Alexis Vasquez. “I’m hoping to get a job over the summer, so I’m excited to finally get a paycheck,” said Junior Celia Miller. “I’m excited to go to Myrtle Beach,” said Junior Jessica Eveler.

Freshman Tori Piechowski simply said she’s looking forward to “sleep, food, and concerts.” “Sleep, and I might be getting a job, which is cool. I’m also looking forward to having more time for my favorite video games, and playing new games over the summer too,” said junior Kyle Secula.

Junior Anna Sepanic said she’s excited for “hanging out with friends! I’m not taking too many vacations this summer so I expect to take a bunch of day trips with my friends.”

“I’m in productions of Grease and Bye Bye Birdie, and I’m really excited to perform on stage, I absolutely love doing that,” said junior Jake Keith. Junior Cody Strange added “I’m hyped for Grease because a lot of my friends are in it and I really like performing with them.”

“I’m just excited to have more time to hang out with my friends and create new memories with them. I love getting to explore and see new places and things” said junior Kyle Matheson. Junior Denae Hurt said “I’m excited to make new friends and go to new places with them.” Hurt added “I’m also looking forward to getting a job.” Junior Ishara Joseph added “I’m [trying to] get that money this summer.”

Junior Megan McGee said “I’m looking forward to having things finally slow down. Junior year was the hardest year so far juggling so many different things, so I’m excited for just relaxing by the pool, reading, and catching up with my friends and family.”

Regardless of summer plans, it’s clear that everyone has worked hard throughout the school year, and everyone is looking forward to a nice long break!